Private Jet Company Sues Jay-Z For Unpaid Bill

Posted: June 24, 2010 in Music News
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In 2009, Jay-Z reportedly flew in private jets for around 55 hours — costing a staggering $250,000.

While that seems like chump change for the rap superstar, a company says he only paid them a portion of what he owes them, so they’re suing.

According to TMZ, Jay is being sued by Air Platinum Holding, a private jet company that claims Hov spent 55 hours on their planes back in 2009 … but only paid them for 37 hours of service.

Additionally, they say the rapper owes them for other services as well, including food, taxes, etc.

Below is the breakdown:

  • 18 hours of flight time at $4,500-per-hour (discounted from $6,000-per-hour) … $81,000
  • Catering for 17 domestic flights ($500-per-flight) …. $8,500
  • Catering for 4 international flights ($750-per-flight) … $3,000
  • International fees … $8,500
  • Taxes … $12,285
  • Luxury trip to England … $24,200

In total, Air Platinum claims Jay owes them upwards of $137,485.00.

Jay and/or his camp have yet to respond to the claims.


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