Diddy Launches Positive Geared Website Called Diddyblog.com

Posted: June 23, 2010 in Music News
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After countless vlog episodes on his official Youtube channel, PTwittyTV, hip-hop mogul Diddy announced over the weekend the upcoming launch of a new blog site, simply called DiddyBlog.com.

The new blog, which will launch sometime on Monday (June 21), will focus specifically on positive content … no gossip, no beefs, no controversy. Strictly positivity and love, he said.

In a viral video uploaded over the weekend, Diddy explains.

“The blog is an all-100 percent positive, thousand, zillion percent positive blog,” the mogul explained. “It’s about inspiring you, motivating you, empowering your dreams, empowering you… it’s not about any news about who’s dating who; who’s not doing good; who got exposed today; who this, who’s that. Go to the other sites for that. It’s just about motivation and inspiration and love.”

One interesting note about the site is that Diddy will not use it for self-promotion. Weird right?

The music mogul, who’s been the king of promoting himself no matter what he’s involved in, says he’ll be restraining himself from pushing his projects on the new website.

That means no Ciroc, Sean John, or album plugs.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this. No Diddy promotions. It’s all about the love.”

And, Diddy said feedback is welcome. He wants users to constantly give him “constructive criticism”, so DiddyBlog becomes “the best it can be.”

Head over to DiddyBlog.com later today to check it out.


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